Club Schedule Fall 2021
** New Temporary Location for Fall 2021 ** — Held at Upper Hall at St. John’s Church
23 Water St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 5A4
** New COVID regulations **  All players and visitors will have have to sign in, wear masks and adhere to social distancing.
Tournament Limit: 30 players or 15 boards)

Tournaments open to any player with a KWCC membership and the CFC membership: Rounds are played Tuesday nights.

Regular Time Controls : Game in 50 min plus 20 s

Quick Time Controls: Game in 25 min plus 10 s

Blitz Time Controls : Game in 5 min plus 5 s

  •  Blitz tournaments need no CFC membership.
  • Twin City Open needs no KW Chess Club membership
Club EventDescription
October Active  Starts Oct 5, 6 rounds — 2 games per night
Annual General Meeting – 7:30 pm followed by BlitzOctober 26
KW Club Championship Starts November 2nd, 5 rounds – 1 game per night
No Chess – Church Event Tuesday, November 9
December Quick December 14 starts – 4 rounds, two games a night
Last Club meetup for the year  Dec 21st, 2021

 Swiss Style Tournament : Players play Swiss Style Tournament in which players play each round. There is no “knock-out”.  The Swiss system pyramids to determine a winner but matches players of similar scores and strength.